InScribe Q&A communities provide highly scalable, context-specific support—when and where students need it most. 


Learning is an inherently social activity. The more interaction students have with peers, educators, and other experts, the greater their confidence, comprehension, and likelihood to succeed. Yet for many students such engagement is hard to find, and often, the support they need simply isn’t available when and where they need it.

InScribe works by connecting students to the support they need—whether from instructors, advisors, alumni, or peers. InScribe's Q&A communities create a space for these individuals to work together— asking questions, finding answers, and sharing resources. InScribe then captures these valuable interactions, and makes them reusable, so each generation of students benefits from the conversations that came before them.


InScribe Q&A communities are flexible based on your needs. 


for your course

Get questions out of email and into in a Q&A community where your answers are reusable and available to all your students - even across course sections and terms.

Promote peer to peer support by giving students the opportunity to initiate conversations, answer each other's questions, or go deeper on the topics that most interest them.

Share supplemental resources, news, and current events that reinforce your existing curriculum.


for your program

Bring students together with educators, peers, and alumni across degree and certification programs to access academic support and learn from others who have common goals and shared experiences.

Students have continuous access to their program community from admission to graduation.

Continue to engage alumni after graduation as ongoing members of the community.


for your institution

Connect advisors with prospective and incoming students to help smooth the onboarding process and get critical questions answered quickly and efficiently.

Provide a single space to connect and find answers across a range of topics such as financial aid, admissions, and career services.

Develop educator focused communities that provide an opportunity for professional development and a space to share best practices.


Integrates into your existing curriculum 

InScribe uses LTI to integrate right alongside your existing digital curriculum, giving students 24/7 access to the Q&A community. Using tags, you can create a contextualized experience for your students, bringing them directly to the Q&A resources that are most relevant to where they are in their course.


IN Time

Leverage and scale your existing support resources

Whether it's multiple instructors teaching different sections, graduate students supporting large courses, or broader groups of coaches and SMEs—you already have great resources working to help students succeed. InScribe gives these individuals the tools they need to operate as a team—providing faster and more efficient support for your student population.


Peer-to-peer benefits students and educators

InScribe allows students to support one another. Students build their reputation by answering questions and can see how their contributions are helping other students. Student contributions can be promoted to become part of the community knowledge base.



InScribe's intelligence enables continuous improvement

After utilizing resources and Q&A, students are encouraged to provide feedback. This means InScribe is getting smarter each day. As it learns, InScribe gets better at connecting students with the information that is most likely to help them.  

InScribe also helps educators by identifying students who are strugglingwell before they take their first exam. And with InScribe, instructional teams gain visibility into the specific areas of the core curriculum where students keep getting stuck.


Support your students to retain your students

When students get the support they need, when they need it, they are empowered to overcome academic challenges and stay in school. InScribe enables institutions to provide this support in a scalable way, while helping students build the skills, self confidence, and resilience they need for success in college and in life.