InScribe leverages the power of community + artificial intelligence to connect students to the resources, answers, and individuals they need to succeed in school and beyond.


Students depend on experts—advisors, instructors, tutors—throughout their education. But today, getting help relies on overloaded inboxes, hard to schedule meetings, and confusing websites. Students are left frustrated and experts end up answering the same question over and over again.

InScribe offers a new approach. InScribe works by connecting students to the support they need—whether from instructors, advisors, alumni, or peers. InScribe's Q&A communities create a space for these individuals to work together— asking questions, finding answers, and sharing resources. InScribe then captures these valuable interactions, and makes them reusable, so each generation of students benefits from the conversations that came before them.

InScribe A.I. analyzes student interactions, proactively escalating high priority issues and students that require direct intervention. Ultimately, experts spend less time in email, and more time with the students that need help most.


InScribe supports students at every stage of the learning lifecycle. 

InScribe for your course.

Student Onboarding

Prospective and new students have a LOT of questions!

Connect advisors with incoming students to smooth the onboarding process and get critical questions answered quickly and efficiently.

InScribe for your program.

Curriculum Support

Academic support is critical to keeping students on track - but educators can’t be available 24x7.

Get questions out of email and into a Q&A community where answers are reusable and available to all students - even across sections and terms.

InScribe for your institution.

Connect to Career

Who better to help bridge the gap from college to career than the students that came before!

Empower your alumni to share stories and give advice about career exploration, job hunting, and finding success after graduation.

InScribe integration options


Integrates into your existing curriculum 

 Your students don’t need another destination. InScribe integrates seamlessly into the places they already go – the LMS, student portal, or institutional website - to deliver context specific support 24/7 - anytime they need help.


IN Time

Leverage and scale your existing support resources

You already have an amazing set of experts - coaches, advisors, instructors, and tutors - supporting your students every day. 

InScribe gives these individuals the tools they need to operate as a team—providing faster and more efficient support for your students and saving precious hours in their day.

Peer to peer support


Peer-to-peer benefits students and educators

InScribe allows students to support one another.

Students build their reputation by answering questions and can see how their contributions are helping other students.



A.I. supported moderation

InScribe A.I. continuously analyzes student posts, proactively escalating high priority issues and students that require direct intervention.

Ultimately, experts spend less time in email, and more time with the student that need help most.


Support your students to retain your students

When students get the support they need, when they need it, they are empowered to overcome challenges and stay in school. InScribe enables institutions to provide this support in a scalable way, while helping students build the skills, self confidence, and resilience they need for success in college and in life.